What Can Competitor Gap Analysis Do For Your Website’s Search Traffic?

If your ranking tool provides a top 20 SERP report, you will not need to track the rankings for each of your competitors. You don’t need to do a complete competitor analysis for this, you can simply try finding topic gaps that you can fill in. With Ahrefs, you can also filter based on many factors and view data in terms of keyword intersection, search volume, difficulty, and more.
Competitors may continue to produce high-quality content that targets specific keywords or topics, while you miss out on those opportunities. This can result in a lower overall search engine ranking and decreased visibility in the eyes of your target audience. Analysis of a website or blog’s content gaps also plays a role in SEO content optimization, keyword research and targeting, and topic groupings or clusters.

  • Access rankings for any domain, sub-domain, URL and backlink index with the only SEO platform to offer unlimited competitive comparisons.
  • Create a pivot table where the table includes “Domain” as rows, “Count of keyword” and “Average Rank” for values.
  • You should also analyze your content performance and see which content types, formats, topics, and angles are generating the most results.
  • You may also find opportunities for new keywords that you are not currently investigating in your existing content.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a list of at least two to three competitors that have a strong organic traffic strategy. If you’re not sure where to start, you can use our two-step guide to identify competitors. Now, that you have your list, you can use it to figure out why those sites are outranking you. SEO TELEGRAM GROUP is an SEO strategy that compares your site to your competitors to find keywords that rank the highest and drive the most traffic. However, a keyword gap analysis—also sometimes called a content gap or keyword competitor analysis—is a must. When it comes to SEO, content gap analysis is one of the top demands on the list, so it’s crucial to know what it is and how it’s done.
Either of the cases above may surface opportunities for new or updated content that also improves your overall SEO performance. However, they just don’t start with competitive SEO gains in mind — it becomes an additional but very welcome side benefit. A similar or related gap analysis would look at content needs vs your typical marketing/sales funnel to see where gaps may exist and need to be filled with new or updated content. This process is often used in SEO to determine what content needs to be developed in order to compete with the top-ranked competitors in the same industry or topic niche. Evaluating your website content against top competitors in organic search should be an ongoing aspect of your website or blog development.
When you do this regularly – such as quarterly – you are much better positioned to stay on top of your competitors’ strategies and beat them. Topical authority is essentially demonstrating subject matter expertise, and it is achieved by covering everything there is to cover about the topics you want to rank for. Last but not least, when you’re trying to get a pulse on your audience, forums are still a brilliant resource. You can find decades and decades of questions from real people in just about any industry.

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This is a clear example of the types of insights you can get from a content gap analysis, and how it can lead to actionable ideas to improve your website and SEO. A content gap analysis should not be a one-off thing, but should ideally be done regularly in order to stay on top of what your competitors are doing. There are many tools out there that will help you identify the keyword gap including, but not limited to, SEMrush. The tools on these platforms allow for a specific page on a competitor’s site to be analysed, identifying which keywords that page is ranking for. Lucky for us, Ahrefs has made it really easy to do content gap analysis.

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This will likely be in a subdirectory named “blog,” “articles,” or “resources.” If your competitor is on Wix, their blog posts will most likely be in /posts/. Explore your competitor’s site and find where they’re hosting their editorial content. Evaluating content performance is more of an art rather than an exact science, but it can be a very informative, revealing exercise.
This will allow you to see if new content is necessary at any given point. If it seems like there are gaps that need to be filled, now is the perfect time to map out a strategy for creating new blog posts or other types of content. The first step in this process is to ask yourself how your audience is searching for the product or service you provide. You’ll probably have a list of these in mind that relate directly to your product or services.
Our guide will help you to devise an effective keyword targeting strategy using the SEO Gap Analysis. Lastly, we’re going to be looking at tech SEO, and this is incredibly difficult to measure because the requirements in tech SEO vary from website to website, from vertical to vertical. But if you’re in e-commerce, you’re likely dealing with faceted navigation. You’re dealing with filter management, and it’s a little bit more demanding.

There are obvious phrases like brands and models of shoe that all competitors will be targeting, but what about the niches? There will always be gaps in content based on questions and queries that can be exploited with some savvy planning to get your site ranking well, regardless of what you do. All you have to do is plug in different domain names and you’ll be presented with a list of keywords that each site ranks for that you do not. “Keyword Gap” and “Bulk Analysis” (as shown below) are most useful for our purposes. It does exactly what you’d imagine—allows you to see what types of backlinks your competitors are receiving that you’re not. Just like Ahrefs, SEMRush has various gap analysis tools for you to try out.
Are you ready to boost your website’s SEO performance and drive more traffic to your site? How do you know what to write about when it comes to content marketing? What topics should you cover in your niche to attract new traffic, leads, and customers? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition and rise above the din? Be sure to update your content to include any missing keywords that will continue improving your rankings.
As a technical SEO, I get to work with development teams on a daily basis and as I mentioned previously, communication is an important part of my work. In marketing, developing ideas and creating content can’t be accomplished successfully without deliberately incorporating both user and SEO experience. Digital Web Solutions has solutions to help your business grow online. The semantic prominence function has been a great surprise, it has allowed me to climb
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This allows you to identify areas that you might have missed in your content. This article will walk you through the importance of a content gap analysis and provide a step-by-step plan to perform one. Good SEO content gap analysis is a great advantage you need to keep up with the latest developments against your competitors. The ranking is getting harder and the quality of the content people are producing is getting better. Organizations are investing heavily in SEO content marketing strategies. If your website is attracting a lot of traffic from Google, you must protect it from the competitively created new content.
Take a thorough look at your website’s content and find gaps in the content. MEDIUM SEO GROUP LINK could be as simple as making a list of all the topics your website covers and comparing it to the topics your competitors are covering. Any discrepancies are potential content gaps that you’ll want to fill. I do keyword research for my own and my clients’ projects almost daily. I use the audit a lot both for potential
clients, as well as to control my projects. To be able to see keywords from other without having access to their search console.
Ranking for top keywords on paid and organic channels translates into more traffic – and more revenue. Starting with a seed keyword, you’re able to generate hundreds of related keywords, cluster them and then produce incredibly detailed content briefs effortlessly. As previously discussed, if you come across clusters of keywords with a sporadic ranking between positions 30-50, these are typically the pages that require updating. As a bonus, you’ll notice in the screenshots that every cluster has a keyword that is highlighted green. MEDIUM TELEGRAM SEO JOIN LINK is because our algorithm has identified that as the best keyword to create a content brief around. On the other hand, clusters that have an average rank of 50+ are usually a sign we’re missing that content altogether.
For starters, the content gap analysis SEMRush platform does offer a free tier. If you sign up for their site, you can get limited use of their services. You could also take full advantage of the software with a 7-day free trial, however, that will require you to put in your banking information. You can also comb through the sites that come out on top of search engines. Find out if there are any topics they’re covering that you’re not, or if there are areas you could improve on. You may also find your competitor’s content lacking certain information, allowing you to fill that niche.

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